Epoch has been producing rollers for over 28 years. Recently acquired by the Double E Company, Epoch is now poised to be an even more comprehensive resource for all types and sizes of of idler rollers.


Epoch was founded in May, 1988, by Eric Westerheim, with the intention of providing the converting and nonwovens industry with low inertia, composite idler rolls. After researching the market, he developed a high quality braided carbon fiber composite tube which could be used in making precision idler rolls. Because the tubes are O.D. sized within 0.002" without machining, Epoch is able to produce ultra-thin wall composite tubes. The process also allows for adding a metal outer protective sleeve without high costs. The products were first introduced to the industry as a whole in September of 1989 at the CMM show in Chicago. The response was overwhelming and Epoch was moved out of Eric's garage into a 5000 sq. ft. facility. As business continued to grow at an astonishing rate and new products were introduced, it became apparent that a move to a larger facility was required. In February 1992, a major expansion was completed.

Epoch has continued to grow, but at the same time narrowing its focus to the precision idler roll business. Eric Westerheim retired  in the early 2000's, and Tom Leonard became the Owner/President of Epoch. Tom received his B.S. degree in mechanical engineering from Texas A&M in 1993 and has been with Epoch ever since.  Dedication to high quality, fast delivery, and excellent customer service has made Epoch a leading supplier of idler rolls to the converting industry.

In 2015, Epoch Industries was acquired by the Double E Company. To meet increased product demand, Epoch's manufacturing operations were moved to Double E's West Bridgewater location in 2017. With Double E's enhanced resources Tom Leonard continues to manage Epoch, to develop a truly comprehensive line of aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and composite idler rollers. Double E's core chucks, core shafts, safety chucks, brakes, slitting equipment, and other quality web accessories complement the Epoch roller business perfectly. The combined company is an excellent one-stop resource for converters all over the world.

Employment Opportunities

Current open positions include territory managers and sales agents.

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